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Recent Deals & Flight Tickets Alerts UK

London – Lima – £209

Birmingham – Barbados – £199

London – Tokyo – £225

Newcastle – New York – £168

Manchester – Cape Town – £324

Cardiff – Moscow – £116

Luton – Reykjavik £46

Manchester – Boston – £155

Liverpool – New Delhi – £217

Southend – Tenerife – £36

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"I signed up for the flight alerts and you sent me Miami, Florida for £199 return. I was looking to visit my family out there so I grabbed the chance and it was unforgettable!"
Liam. A
Liam. A
Saved £185
"We just got back from a trip to China. Thank you for the flights which you found from London to Beijing. It meant we were able to stay at nicer hotels with the money we saved".
Tatiana and Milan. B
Saved £313
"Thanks mate! You saved me a small fortune on my flights to Peru. I'll be keeping an eye out for more like this as I want to see all of South America some day. Cheers".
Zak. K
Saved £412

Recent Deal

Flights from all over the UK and Ireland to Havana, Cuba

Price: £190 Round Trip

Normal price: £500+

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small group of friends who have traveled around the world on a shoe-string budget for years, learning the best ways to source cheap flight deals to absolutely anywhere on the planet! It all started when we were young and broke. It simply wasn't possible to travel with little money so we needed to become creative and find a solution so that we could go on holiday! After years and years of tweaking our travel skills, we cracked it. We are able to find unbelievably cheap travel deals all over the world at any given time with our collective experience and churn out deals each day. Of course, we're not able to go on ALL of those holidays and so the deals normally go to waste.. That's when we had a thought that would change the next couple of months of our lives and confine us to the computer building what would eventually become "Travel Nomad". "Why don't we just publish our cheap flight deals for others to make use of and go on a mind-blowing adventure?" That did it, and here we are! We search night and day to find the Best flight search engine for UK and Ireland and publish them for free, each week, all year long. Recent deal include Havana, Cuba for £190 and Tokyo, Japan for £225. And yes, both were for round-trips! We're on Facebook and Twitter if you want to chat about anything on the site or travel in general, we can talk about it for days on end!
We send our subscribers email price alerts detailing a particular cheap flight destination. The destination we feature will include sample dates, prices, useful information, instructions on how to book and links to the deals we find so you can go ahead and book them yourself. We do not take bookings on our website, you can book either with the airline or booking website directly.
Travel Nomad will always be free to use as we believe everyone should have the opportunity to travel, even if the piggy-bank is feeling kind of light so we set up our free Cheap Flight Price Alert for anyone to subscribe to (as long as you live in the UK/EIRE). We will send you one email alert per week with a Cheap Flight Alerts from UK and Republic of Ireland to get you flying somewhere new!
Travel alerts come direct to your inbox with a Budget Flights from UK . Each alert will have all the information you need to book the same deal and a selection of dates at that price will be provided. Use the information to find a date which suits you and proceed to the airline or booking website linked to complete your ticket purchase.
We use all sorts of techniques to fish out the best deals which we have honed over 10 years of traveling to far flung places. This enables us to search every possible combination of flights so that the very best, cheapest prices are unearthed. As flight deals change by the minute, we search prices several times a day to destinations all over the world to bring you the absolute cheapest price available somewhere at the time. If it exists, we will find it!
It depends on the deal. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. We don't discriminate because our focus is on price first and foremost. We will send you deals which are both direct and indirect with usually a single stopover lasting between 1-4 hours. Expect to get a mix of both but either way, it will be cheap!
We search cheap Flights from UK and Ireland. As we are UK based, it seems fitting to bring our expertise to fellow nomads in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We source deals for you all over the world to exotic places and popular destinations. We regularly come across flights to the best known cities like New York or Tokyo but also send you little gems. Fancy a trip to Madagascar? How about the Cook Islands? You may be surprised by some of our suggestions!
Yes! Both short haul (European flights) and long haul (Worldwide flights) are trawled to bring you a choice of destination. All countries and all airports are covered so keep an eye on your Cheap Flight Ticket From UK.
We are a small team and work all day, every day to ensure you get the best flights money can buy every week. This leaves us little time to accommodate specific requests. Rest assured we are always bringing new deals to your attention so we are sure there is a deal for everyone.
Premium Subscribers get access to 5+ alerts to different destinations each week to the freshest deals available. This is especially important if a really cheap deal or error fare is found which tends to get booked up very quickly. In contrast, free subscribers get a single alert each week to one destination. For a list of all benefits of subscribing, check out the Premium Subscription page by clicking the link at the top or bottom of this page.
When you entered your email in the box on this page, you would have received an email straight after to confirm your subscription. This ensures you are a human and not a bot so please check your spam/junk folders for this email and click to confirm. You will then receive a welcome email from us here at Travel Nomad so you know you are good to go! We send all our travel alerts straight to your email inbox so be sure to add "alert@travelnomad.co.uk" to your safe list or check your other folders as it may have found its way there instead. If you are still having problems, send us an email at info@travelnomad.co.uk
Just pop your email into the box on this page and hit "Send Me Cheap Flights ticket in UK". You will then get a welcome email and be added to our growing list of nomads and can expect a new email alert shortly.

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